CASA Cafe – “Empathy and the Art Of Connection”

Please Join Bren Hardt, CNVC Certified Facilitator of Nonviolent Communication™ and CASA advocate, for an interactive and fun workshop about the art of Compassionate Communication to empower you to be an effective communicator and peacemaker.

Join Bren for a few hours to learn about one of the many aspects that make Compassionate Communication such a well-loved connection practice.  I’m sure you will gain a few effective communication tips to enhance all your relationships.  Just one click below to register.

According to author Dr. Bruce Perry “Empathy underlies virtually everything that makes society work—like trust, altruism, collaboration, love, charity” and we have the ability to increase our empathic skills for ourselves and others.
FREE WORKSHOP but please RSVP so we can be prepared   Click Here To RSVP