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Every Child Deserves to Feel Loved This Valentine’s Day

Brenham, Texas – For many of us Valentine’s Day is our chance to show our affection for the important people in our lives through cards, flowers and other gifts. But candy and cards will be the last thing on the minds of many of the children in the foster care system who will be facing… Read more »

In the New Year, Resolve to Help a Child Who Needs You

Brenham, Texas – The start of a new year often comes with a list of resolutions. New Year’s resolutions are different for everyone, but one of the most common is to live a healthier lifestyle. If you’re hoping to improve your physical and mental health, there’s one option that often gets overlooked and benefits others –… Read more »

CASA for Kids of South Central Texas Helps Keep Kids in Foster Care Safe

Brenham, Texas – About 1,700-1,900 children and youth are reported as missing from foster care in a given year according to a report from the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS). In many cases, “missing” in reality means that they have run away. Running away from foster care puts youth at risk of many… Read more »

New School Year Can Mean Increase in Child Abuse & Neglect Reports

Press Release 7/25/2019 CASA seeks to support teachers as they guide children at risk through the education system. Brenham, Texas – Backpacks, pencils and notebooks are filling up the aisles in stores all over Texas, reminding us that a new school year is just around the corner. The beginning of the school year can be… Read more »

Every Child Has A Chance .. It’s You!!

VOLUNTEER TODAY .. We are in need of 5-10 volunteers to be serving all of the children in CPS custody that we advocate for.  Our Court Appointed Special Advocates are the eyes and ears for the court, and speak up for the best interest of the child.  CASA for Kids of South Central Texas advocates for… Read more »