Take the first step to becoming a CASA advocate:


What is a CASA volunteer? A CASA (Court Appointed Advocate®) volunteer is a dedicated member of the community who is appointed by a judge to advocate for the best interest of an abused or neglected child in the state’s care.

Who are CASA volunteers? CASA volunteers are people just like you: compassionate, objective, self-motivated individuals from the community. They come from all walks of life and backgrounds. Some work full time-others stay at home or are retired. All are passionately committed to helping children.

What is the role of a CASA volunteer? A CASA volunteer is an independent voice in court who advocates solely for the best interest of the child. The CASA volunteer spends significant time getting to know the child, as well as reviewing records and interviewing the child, family members and other relevant persons to determine the facts and circumstances of the child’s situation.

How do I become A CASA volunteer? If you are looking to help children truly in need you should become a CASA volunteer. It means you will represent the best interest of a child in need in court. You will work with attorneys and social workers to make sure that child is safe in the foster care system. You won’t be a foster parent but you will be the voice making a real difference in a critical turning point in a child’s life.



If you are ready to speak up and be that STRONG VOICE for the abused & neglected children in your community, JOIN US at our upcoming Coffee & Conversation with CASA. Contact us at 979.277.0088 with any questions.

Next Step is to apply, click here, I WANT TO BE A VOICE   Then we will contact you to conduct an interview and complete background checks.  You get us one step closer to our goal of 100% advocacy .. Thank you!