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You don’t have to be an Advocate to make a difference. If you are an Advocate and interested in doing more within the program Friends of CASA is the place for you!

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Community Outreach COMMITTEE
  • Do you excel at public speaking?
  • Do you enjoy attending local events?
  • Are you passionate about CASA and willing to speak on our behalf?

The Community Outreach committee might be the place for you!

The duties of this committee include: (1)coordinate sponsorship activities,
(2) coordinate media coverage of public events of the corporation in collaboration with
corporation staff, (3) develop a Speaker’s Bureau made up of Board members and other
knowledgeable persons who shall provide community organizations, agencies, groups
and institutions with information about the corporation’s various fundraising activities
and other events.

Fundraising COMMITTEE
  • Do you enjoy planing gatherings?
  • Do you have contacts in the community?
  • Do you enjoy research and organizing information?

The Fundraising committee might be the place for you!

The duties of this committee include: (1) develop a calendar of fundraising
events, (2) coordinate sponsorship activities and (3) assist the Executive Director in
identifying grants from corporations/foundations.

Admin Support

CASA is looking for individuals interested in dedicating a specific amount of time each week or month (3 or more hours ) to help us with administrative activities.

Office support – researching programs & services for our children, filing, running errands and keeping the office organized.

Advocate supervisor support – take notes at staffings, court proceedings or as needed. Assist with filing and document organization.

Training support – prepare training documents, coordinate food deliveries and sponsor recognition.

In Kind Donation Coordination – organize The Blessing Box monthly, contact advocates to arrange for timely dispersal of those donations. Post new donations on the advocate Facebook group and through other necessary methods make sure all advocates are aware of the items available.

Social Gathering Support – Take the lead on the CASA book club, organize monthly gatherings for Advocates and Friends of CASA.


  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Ability to keep all CASA case-related information confidential.
  • Capability to respect people from various backgrounds.
  • Access to transportation for getting to events/tasks.
  • Power to maintain objectivity, as needed.
  • Will need to pass a background check.

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Friends of CASA

CASA Crusaders is a membership-based group made up of people who want to make a difference in the lives of abused and neglected children. Because everyone should have the opportunity to make a difference in the community no matter the circumstances, CASA Crusader members are encouraged to share their energies and talents at their own pace.
  • Please provide a short summary about your interest in volunteering with CASA for Kids of South Central Texas.